Statement on Coronavirus from RGA medical board

During the current coronavirus  pandemic it is essential that we all do our utmost to protect our own health and that of others.  Everyone must follow the guidance that the government is issuing regularly.  In particular it is important that people follow the guidance on regular hand washing and staying at home.  We should only leave the house for essential shopping, for medical reasons or to attend work but only if this is essential and can’t be done from home.  We can also go out for exercise once a day.  We must stick to this as it is the thing which  is most likely to reduce the length and severity of the pandemic.   

We know that many RGA members are worried that being of restricted growth puts them at increased risk from coronavirus.  If you are in a very high risk group you will already have been contacted by the government or your GP.  Some of our members have breathing problems and may be at increased risk because of this. If you have concerns about this contact your GP or the doctor you normally see and they will be able to advise you. If they have particular concerns they can contact us on  You can also contact us on that e-mail address, but it is important to talk to your own doctor first as they know you best.  It may take us some time to reply to you as we are currently involved in responding to coronavirus in our own hospitals so if you have an urgent question talk to your doctor or call 111 and they will be able to advise you initially.  Please also let us know by e-mail what is happening.

Most importantly at this time please look after yourselves and those around you.  We will get through this but we will do that best if we care for one another in the coming weeks and months. 

RGA medical advisory board.

Role models in the dwarfism community: Dr Judith Badner, MD

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Statement on the removal of the ‘M’word from Harper Collins publications.

With the Collaboration and huge efforts of Mark Trimbee, working with Eugene Grant of RGAUK and Rebecca Nuttall of Little People UK,  we are delighted to announce that Harper Collins have listened and made the relevant changes needed to these titles. No ‘M’word exists in the reprints that have been published July 1st this year. 
Well done and thank you all for your support.

Gillian Martin – Chair RGA UK