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Welcome to the RGA

We’re passionate about changing society for the better so that people with dwarfism can have the same opportunities as everyone else. Our purpose is to ensure that all people who are affected by dwarfism are equal in society.

Here you can find out more about restricted growth,
RGA UK, and what you can do to help make society a better place for people with dwarfism.



Booking is now open for this years RGA convention
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RGA is established1970

as the Association for Research into Restricted Growth

An estimated6000

are living with a restricted growth condition in the UK

More than400

medical conditions that cause short stature


% of individuals with a restricted growth condition are born to parents of average height

RGA 50th Anniversary Celebrations

A huge thankyou to Joanne & Lisa for organising the RGA summer party in Rugeley, it was a lovely day and was the first chance for many new families to meet, the weather really was on our side for all to enjoy the outside facilities.

Chamiah Dewey attended to showcase some of her fashion, the UK’s first clothing brand for people with dwarfism. keep scrolling for more information.

Thank you to everybody for attending it was so much fun, that we think its time for another get together

News and Updates

Fashion and Dwarfism with Chamiah Dewey

Chamiah Dewey Fashion is the UK’s first clothing brand for people with Dwarfism/short stature. We offer stylish, timeless pieces, made in eco-conscious fabrics, sourced and produced in the UK, and finished with innovative, adaptive fastenings.

Chamiah Dewey Fashion addresses the critical issue of the lack of positive representation of little people, especially in the fashion industry. We directly challenge societal perceptions of little people that have been conditioned into society for hundreds of years.

Our mission is to disrupt the fashion industry, producing and spreading positive representations of little people to the mainstream media, changing societal perceptions, and showing the fashion industry that little people are just as beautiful and deserving of stylish clothing and a place in the industry.

Our vision for Chamiah Dewey Fashion is to lead and dominate the fashion industry for little people, successfully venturing into womenswear, menswear, children’s-wear, and occasion-wear; partnering with the likes of the Paralympics to produce bespoke kits for Paralympians, creating bespoke red-carpet looks for short stature celebrities, and collaborating with household names to bring short stature clothing to the high street. We’d love to host pop-up stores across the globe, reaching all corners of the world to spread awareness of short-stature fashion and to bring together the community in an immersive, welcoming, and accessible in-person shopping experience.

In September 2022 we made our occasion and bridal range debut at London Fashion Week with London Represents. More information about bespoke commissions and occasion wear can be found on our website! Please visit Chamiah Dewey website for more details.

Contact Us

Please do get in touch and we will respond as soon as we can either using the contact form or the details below.

Office: The Restricted Growth Association (RGA UK),

Email: office@restrictedgrowth.co.uk

Medical Advice: medical@restrictedgrowth.co.uk

Media (Journalists Only): media@restrictedgrowth.co.uk

I chose RGA UK “because you sent out lots of lovely stuff for me to use for raising awareness for my son Lauchlan’s 1st birthday party – which was a lot and a great help. Lauchlan is the only person where we live with the condition so all your info etc was brilliant and helped out billions.” Louise
As a child with dwarfism, the RGA UK annual convention was one of the highlights of my year – spending the weekend with people I didn’t have to explain myself to… I remember the excitement of arriving and the sadness of leaving. As an adult and trustee, it has been a privilege to help organise these events for the next generation.Eugene Grant
“Having got involved with the RGA over the years and having been made to feel so welcome, all our family felt it was the obvious choice to support. My boys have really enjoyed meeting people through the RGA… so it was great to be able to give something back.” – Anna, RGA UK supporter

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